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Where we came from, our passion and how we will help

What do we want?

A performing arts industry where all practitioners are recognised and rewarded for their true value to audiences and society; where talented artists are empowered and enabled to succeed financially and independently on the basis of their talents alone. Talented individuals should all have ample opportunity to make their talents pay off irrespective of wealth, financial support, niche and disability. That’s why we operate a pay what you feel membership policy.

Through our support and advocacy, we aim to change the performing arts industry, so this is the case.

So, what are we going to do about it?

To achieve this, we plan to:
  • Build a comprehensive community of performing arts professionals, each one of which gains much more than they lay out for membership.
  • Provide a community of theatre professionals access to training and online resources to assist with commercialisation of their skills.
  • Deliver practical business, wealth management and tax advice and commercial assistance you can use.
  • Support performers from their graduation to the end of their performing career and beyond.
  • Ask members to pay what they feel we’re worth orin hard times, whatever they can, for membership.

792 members

453 articles

312 topics

Your Support Team

Your support comes from a union of business and performing arts expertise that makes Jozara unique.

Dean Hutchinson

Co Founder

Business trainer with preforming arts passion

Sound commercial thinker and lover of language, an experienced businessman, trainer and coach with a strong passion for the arts. Dean is dedicated to developing the success of Jozara’s membership.

Sam Dunstan

Co Founder

Performing arts pro with business savvy

Creative producer and theatre director, Sam, provides industry insights, understanding and perspective to the arts community. He has one foot in the “it’s important to control the purse strings” camp and the other boot firmly on the performing stage. Well connected, well versed and very useful to have on your side.

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