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Make your talents pay - learn business and finance skills to support your practice in seminars throughout the UK and online.

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Connect with a vibrant community of performance professionals and experts to share news, ideas, advice and updates.

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Learn from niche experts in performing arts finance, business and career development in member-exclusive articles in our resources section.

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Get individual, tailored support from coaches and mentors, because a listening ear and a sounding board is helpful for students and veterans alike.

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Follow your passion without financial struggle​

Dear friend,

You love the creative work you do, and your main goal is to make meaningful art, but that doesn’t mean you have to struggle financially.

Make your talent pay

Jozara was born when a successful theatre practitioner and an experienced business mind decided to take support for performers beyond casting websites, magazines and formal training in the art. We aim to help you in new ways with training in areas such as finance, building a company, organising a team or crew and dealing with taxes.

More money brought in, less laid out

Now, we’re helping performing arts practitioners all over England get more out and put less in financially. We’re here to take you to a place where you’re happy with your art and your earnings. You can also pay what you feel for membership – Our prices are only guidelines.

Develop tools for success

As members of Jozara, you benefit from regular educational seminars to help you generate income and retain profits from the artistic work you do. Closely followed, they’ll help you succeed, feel fulfilled and boost your earnings, adding a lot more than you invest in membership.

And even more …

You can also access a valuable online resource populated with expert articles, case studies, tips, useful downloadable content, crib sheets and members’ discounts from verified, approved suppliers offering services you need.

Sam Dunstan & Dean Hutchinson

Jozara Founders


A great way of keeping up to date with Jozara, as well as getting a "sneak peek" at some of our fantastic articles.

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