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Learn to make the most of your performing arts talents and build a career that is financially and personally rewarding with the support of Jozara. We offer a fully coordinated training and support service helping you to overcome the professional and financial trials of the performing arts industry.

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Make your talents pay - learn business and finance skills to support your practice in seminars throughout the UK and online.

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Connect with a vibrant community of performance professionals and experts to share news, ideas, advice and updates.

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Learn from niche experts in performing arts finance, business and career development in member-exclusive articles in our resources section.

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Get individual, tailored support from coaches and mentors, because a listening ear and a sounding board is helpful for students and veterans alike.

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Meet with Jozara’s expert mentors and get useable, professional advice on your performing arts career for free.

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Jozara Seminars

We offer a wide and ever-expanding array of seminars to help you succeed in all areas of your career. Here are just a few:

Fund Raising

Give your projects and productions a real boost by learning how to get grants and use them effectively, as well as how to move on to independent financial success.

Marketing Your Show

As the word suggests, only half of showbusiness is about the show. The rest is business. It’s about getting people interested, getting them through the door and making money. Learn that half and flops can be a thing of the past.

How to talk about Yourself

Self-promotion is a major part of many performing arts careers. But so is self-awareness and talking about yourself. We’ll help you to talk your way to success and, perhaps more importantly, to personal satisfaction.

Tax Returns

That time rolls around every year, and it never seems to get easier … Until now, that is. Take the headaches out of tax returns, get what you’re due and never overpay again with our help. We also offer complimentary personal tax return surgeries to members.

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