Financial Aid Available during Covid-19

We have found a number of sources of financial aid that may be able to support those in the performing arts over the period of Covid-19 lockdown. If you need financial help, perhaps you will qualify for some of the grants below or you may be able to gain additional information from these organisations.

Find support for

  • Theatre makers
  • Actors
  • Visual artists
  • Musicians
  • Off-stage workers
  • Dancers
  • Anyone else in the performing arts

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list and we recommend that you consult your union or other collective body to which you subscribe, for further advice.

General Support

One off grants for arts and theatre professionals. This pot was created by Paul Taylor-Mills, Artistic Director of Turbine Theatre. The original goal was £10,000, but currently the fund is over £50,000.
Contact: @PaulTaylorMills |

MAD Trust Hardship Fund 
Up to £200 to anyone who has ever worked on/for a MAD Trust event.
Contact: | 020 7231 9719

The Royal Theatrical Fund
This fund helps all entertainment industry workers through monthly allowances as one off grants.
Contact: 020 7836 3322

Theatre Support
Information about most support organisations helping the entertainment industryand a comprehensive list of support organisations offering information.

Financial Loss Risk Assessment
This risk assessment developed by Ruby Glaskin (Producer) is to help you identify how much you have lost, or may still lose over the next coming months so you can plan. It may also aid some of your grant applications.

Artsadmin One-to-Ones
A free one-to-one support and advisory service for those working in the performing arts. They can advise on other funds not mentioned on this list and how best to apply.

Financial Support for Theatre-Makers

Theatre Makers Falling Through the Cracks
£200 micro grants for makers and workers who are ineligible for SEISS or unsuccessful in Arts Council Emergency Funding. Fund created by Bethany Wells.
Contact: @preparedtobe |

Lush Charity Pot
Grants for grass-roots companies working locally to create long-term change by addressing the root cause of a problem. The grants range from £100-£10,000 and is ideal for artists or groups working in local activism.

BBC Children in Need Coid-19 Response Grants
Grants of up to £80,000 will be available to assist organisations to reach and continue to meet the needs of disadvantaged children and young people.

Racial Justice Fund
Grants from £5,000 – £50,000 are available to individuals and organisations that are working to redress the impact of Covid-19 (during lockdown and post-lockdown) is having on People of Colour (POC) and those from marginalised communities.

Financial Support for actors

The Actors Children’s Trust
One off grants for actors who are parents or guardians. They also have additional information and resources.
Contact: | 020 7636 7868

The Actors Benevolent Fund
Weekly payments, small grants and larger one-off payments to actors. Be aware they are currently inundated with enquiries, so you may not hear back from them straight away.
Contact: 020 7836 6378

Equity Charitable Trust 
One off welfare grants to any professional performer looking to change career or invest in education during times of hardship.

Equity Benevolent Fund
One-off grants of £60 – £350 to Equity Members. Please note this fund is heavily subscribed due to the current crisis, but applications are still open. This fund is also available for Dancers, Storytellers and Comedians.
Contact: | 020 7379 6000

TV Film Charity
Partnering with the BFI, they have created a fund to help actors and those involved in other parts of the TV and Film sector with grants of up to £500.

Financial Support for Visual Artists

Freelands Foundation Emergency Fund
Grants from £1,500-£2,500 are available for visual artists based in England and Northern Ireland and are experiencing financial hardship due to covid-19.

Multiple Commissions and Awards
Multiple commissions and awards available for visual artists, writers and musicians from a range of museums and galleries across the country, which you can submit digitally.

Financial Support for Musicians

PRS Members Fund
This is for PRS members of seven years or more who earned £500 in royalties. Requests can be made for financial or peer support.
Contact: | 020 3741 4067

PRS Emergency Relief Fund
Grants up to £1000 for PRS members who have been a member for at least two years and earned over £500 in that time.

Help Musicians Hardship Fund
Grant of up To £500 via an online form. You must be currently registered as Self-Employed or Unemployed. This fund is supported by Spotify and The Royal Society of Musicians.

MU Coronavirus Hardship Fund
This fund is for fully paid up members of the Musicians Union to access a one-off payment of up To £200.

The Royal Society of Musicians
The Society are currently taking applications for financial assistance. There is no specified amount available as it is designed for musicians who are in a particularly difficult financial situation. Read the guidelines carefully.

Financial Aid for Off-Stage Workers

The Theatrical Guild
A fund offering support to backstage and front of house workers, recently expanding to cover assistant directors and directors. It is not offering a Covid-19 specific fund, but does have small pots available.

Whilst they are not offering financial help, they have created a thorough list of advice for union workers who are employed and self-employed.

Financial Support for Dancers

Dance Professionals Fund
Grants available for Dancers who are in need of financial help due to crisis, however the grants will not cover credit card debt. To apply you need proof of loss of work or income, a recent bank statement, a professional CV and to complete the online application form.

You can also…

Bounce Back Loan
These are state backed loans with 0% interest or repayments for the first year, then paid back at 2.5% fixed interest over 5-years. Some people are getting bounce back loans to pay off credit card debt incurred during the lockdown as this will be much easier to pay back. You can also pay this back early without penalty. Contact your bank to enquire about the application process.

Local Authorities Discretionary Grant Fund
This fund varies slightly between local councils with wide ranging eligibility criteria. However, the basic idea has councils making payments of £10,000 to business who have been affected by Covid. Call your local council for more info.

Write to your MP
Many arts professionals are writing to their MP to push the government to extend the Self-Employment Support Scheme and expand it’s conditions so that it can help those who have fallen through the cracks. If you haven’t already, get in touch with your MP.

If you find any funds or support you think we should add to this list then please email

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