The Company of One

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The Company of One

The reality of being a ‘company of one’. You will learn about balancing the many disciplines involved with running a business: from getting the show on stage, though selling the tickets and eventually seeing the fruits of your efforts. In addition to this, the seminar also covers:


  • The different ways to register a company in the UK and the pros and cons of each option
  • Ways of framing your thinking about your work and balancing your time efficiently
  • Learning how to remain creativity whilst still paying the bills


To help you get the most out of these seminars, we want to know the issues you face regarding how to operate as a theatre practioner in the real world. When you book please email any questions to and we will build the answers into our content.


This event is one of 3 special development seminars we will be presenting in collaboration with CAST in Doncaster. For more information on this or the other events in the series click here.




These events will take place on Zoom.

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Tue 02 Feb 2021


5:30 pm - 7:30 pm


£6.50 (or £15 for all 3 sessions)


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