Money Money Money!

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Money Money Money!


Would lyou like to know how you can organise your work and administration better, to make things like tax returns and funding applications easier. Then this seminar is for you. It is broken down into two easy to digest parts:


  • Completing a tax return
  • What you must declare to HMRC
  • What expenses you can claim to reduce your tax bill


Funding Applications

  • Tips and techniques to employ when developing a budget
  • Budgeting pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Making a budget attractive to funders


To help you get the most out of these seminars, we want to know the issues you face regarding finance, administration, HMRC, working practices or getting started. When you book please email any questions to and we will build the answers into our content.


This event is one of 3 special development seminars we will be presenting in collaboration with CAST in Doncaster. For more information on this or the other events in the series click here.




These events will take place on Zoom.

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Tue 09 Feb 2021


5:30 pm - 7:30 pm


£6.50 (or £15 for all 3 sessions)


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