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Jozara isn’t just a website, resource or organisation. It’s a performing arts community. Our members come together to develop as one, to inspire each other, to chat, network, make friends and succeed together. It’s a valuable personal and professional bond.

Members can meet, chat and network at seminars, on the forum, on our social media platforms and at our big annual Jozara blowout!


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Your support comes from a union of business and performing arts expertise that makes Jozara unique.

Dean Hutchinson

Co Founder

Business trainer with preforming arts passion

Sound commercial thinker and lover of language, an experienced businessman, trainer and coach with a strong passion for the arts. Dean is dedicated to developing the success of Jozara’s membership.

Sam Dunstan

Co Founder

Performing arts pro with business savvy

Creative producer and theatre director, Sam, provides industry insights, understanding and perspective to the arts community. He has one foot in the “it’s important to control the purse strings” camp and the other boot firmly on the performing stage. Well connected, well versed and very useful to have on your side.

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“We have a deep need to affiliate, to be around people, and no creature on earth spends as much of its life depending on others as we do.”

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